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Online Reputation Management – Is it For You?

Reputation management ensures an honest representation of your business, rather than the opinion of a vocal minority. Utilizing reputation management can increase the effectiveness of your standard marketing efforts. Rather than wasting time attempting to overcome falsehoods you can focus you energies towards creating more leads, website referrals and clients while increasing the effectiveness of you marketing strategies and growing your business.


24 hours a day customers are on Google and other search engines searching for businesses and solutions. Within seconds consumers will decide whether you are a trustworthy company or they should look elsewhere.

The internet does not always provide honest information or an accurate representation of your company. Unfortunately, negative reviews and opinions can clog up the search results… That’s where online reputation management comes in, it helps polish your online image everywhere on the internet.

The Basic Concept of Reputation Managementpicture of the elements of fractal hacks reputation management program

  • Present a positive business image on all the search engines
  • Carefully monitor all new business information being posted
  • Strategically enhance the position of any positive content
  • Aggressively de-emphasize any misleading, dishonest or negative information
  • Maintain and update your business information in a timely manner
  • Manage your search engine ranking and threats from competition
  • Synchronize all marketing efforts to perform seamlessly using safe seo strategies

Performing your Reputation Management Effectively Saves You Time and Money

When carried out in a professional manner by an expert, reputation management will destroy barriers that are holding your company back. Relieve the frustration and lack of growth generated by negative online comments and increase your positive online visibility, traffic, sales and overall growth with a Fractal Hacks online reputation management campaign.

Key Components of Online Reputation Management

Picture of fractal hacks reputation managment idea

Online Presence

Fact: Your online reputation is comprised of what is presented on the search engines. Whether or not it is fair the search engines decide what information is displayed regarding your business. One must assure that all online sources including directories, social sites, reviews, etc. share the same positive message.

Claim and Optimize

One must initially scan the internet and claim all potential web properties affiliated with your name including social sites, review pages or business directories like yp.com. All information must be checked for accuracy.

Link your Properties

Connecting your properties to one another will create brand authority and prove you are a valid entity.

picture of fractal hacks online reputation folder


88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decision. Ensuring your online review profile is positive is very important but be sure not to overstate or mislead. Consumers are attentive to honesty.

Monitor and Prioritize

We will determine which review sites are most influential based on your industry and prospect profile, then ensure that the most flattering are placed in the prime viewing locations.

Increase Number of New Reviews and Exposure of Existing Reviews

We will actively solicit new reviews and disseminate reviews to multiple sites increasing their exposure.

picture of fractal hacks online reputation social media conceptSocial Media

The power of the consumer is Social Media. Interacting with social media is a fantastic source for referrals and allows you to humanize your business and prove that you believe your customer is #1. Your social media interaction can greatly enhance your reputation.

Stake Your Claim

Design an interactive and attractive profile on each social site, remain active while being mindful of consumer actions and comments. This will enhance your community standing immensely.

Respond Promptly

Incorporate systems that allow you to punctually respond to customer concerns and comments with a professional, genuine response. Avoid canned responses.

picture of fractal hacks online reputation survey conceptSurvey

Consumer opinions can forge the path your business takes so it is imperative that customers are allowed to express their opinions. Surveys can allow this while reducing the likelihood that they will express any negative opinions online.

Present multiple channels of communication to decrease the odds that a unhappy client will utilize a less hospitable avenue.

Always respond to feedback whether negative or positive.  By nurturing the dialogue you can address any issues quickly thus ensuring that a customer does not attack you online. This will allow you to eliminate negative comments.

The trends and insight gleaned from these surveys can provide a road map to success when acted on in a timely manner.

picture of fractal hacks online reputation monitor computer screenMonitor

Your online reputation is fluid therefore it is absolutely necessary to monitor your performance and exactly what is being said about you online. Without constant attention your standing can deteriorate.


What search results appear when your name is searched? Has negative information surged to the forefront? Are you receiving reviews and how do they rate?

Set Alerts

Activating notifications for online posts relevant to your business is one simple and effective method for keeping you abreast of your online repute.


Our company provides detailed brand position information and management effectiveness data on a monthly schedule.

picture of fractal hacks online reputation measurement conceptMeasuring Success

Unfortunately, your online renown is relative. Four star reviews look great unless all your competition also excels. To maintain an advantage you must deduce your strengths and weaknesses. When managing multiple locations you must also be able to ascertain which locations are under-performing.

Monitor the Competition

Evaluate your competitors online reputation and determine areas where they underperform that you can exploit and conversely, successes that you can mimic.

Selecting Suitable Benchmarks

A business must thoroughly evaluate the competition and assign goals that, once achieved, will set you head and shoulders above them. Setting well founded benchmarks that allow you to exploit your competitions’ shortcomings can lead to online dominance.

picture of concept relating to fractal hacks online reputation management and synchronizing the elements.Synchronization

The importance of online reputation is magnified with multiple locations. We understand this and will synchronize and focus your efforts. Strength can be obtained through numbers and we will ensure all facets of your business work in unison whether it be divisions, individual locations or websites. We will manage and enhance every aspect of your online reputation and search engine optimization.

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